Club is taken care by a qualified resident doctor. Seminars on Dental hygienic and on Eye Care are organized from time to time , Students prepare projects regarding balanced diet and awareness campaigns are organized on the necessity of Healthy food and fitness programmes and  trekking expeditions are also arranged . Various sports activities are the integral part of Wellness club. Breathing exercises for the positive attitude are emphasized upon.

Health record of each and every child is maintained and regular complete check- up are conducted.



Eternal values are heritage of any nation. In these times of turmoil the need of these values and ethics are  all the more important. Discipline and healthy regard for ethics and values are the need of the hour. To inculcate these we have divided the school in 4 houses :

Liberty , Peace , Harmony and Prosperity 

These four when touch our life make it blissful. These houses  function on fortnightly basis : Various competitions in field of performing arts , live music , Quizes, Dance , Essay writing etc are conducted . Student manifest their best and a Running Trophy is awarded to the House adjudged  Best at various parameters .

Peace House


House Incharge – Ms. Kiran

Ms. Nisha

Ms. Monika

Ms. Dimple

Ms. Ankita

Ms. Sonia

‘Peace’ House represents the feeling of freedom from tension and stress. Whenever any mind, person or nation stretches itself beyond its physical, territorial or financial capacities and capabilities, peace is disturbed. Peace connects with others. Only rhythms of joy and peace can well lay the foundation to progress.

In the modern world everyone is stressed so our house tries to teach children how to handle stress in everyday life  by maintaining peace of  mind. Emphasis is being put on activities like prayer , meditation and yoga to train their  minds towards inner peace. Inspired by the ideas of Gandhiji  and Nelson  Mendela , the students are taught the importance of maintaining peace for the development of their personality . 

Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility. Peace also suggests the existence of healthy or well healed inter personnel or international relationships, Prosperity in matters of social or economic  welfare and a working political order that serves the true interest of all. In International relations . Peacetime is not only the absence of war or conflict but also the presence of cultural  and economic understanding and  unity .

Liberty  House 

House Incharge- Ms. Manju

Ms. Mani

Ms. Pooja

Ms. Anupama

Ms. Alka

Ms. Rajinder

Liberty is to promote the idea that liberation is from mental shackles and realization of self and responsibility. Since responsibility and liberation go together liberation means you have to be responsible for your every act. Liberation in real sense is simply an opportunity to find a definition for oneself, a true authentic individuality and a joy in making the world around - a little better, a little more beautiful. Spreading this beauty of liberation and fulfilling the task of responsibility is the integral goal and joining this feeling with universe is the motto and goal of this house.         

Liberty is a highly cherished and much valued privilege. Although individual liberty or freedom in the real sense is still ideal and always yet to be achieved, it implies that we can go where we like , do what we like , work as and where we like .

We have to observe certain rules and regulations. That is where discipline comes in . It is  vital in the interest of society to  make our students realize that liberty and discipline are not contradictory or mutually exclusive terms but are very much complementary and both are indispensable . One in fact feeds and reinforces the others . So we teach our students to enjoy liberty and at the same time take the responsibility for their actions by maintaining discipline in all walks of life.

In Liberty House :

L -   Loyal

I  -   Intelligent 

B -   Brave

E -   Enduring 

R -   Responsive 

T -   Trustworthy 

Y –  Yearning for the very best



House Incharge – Ms. Sangita

Ms. Mamta

Ms. Neelam

Ms. Rachna

Ms. Sangeeta Chutani

Dr. Padam           

On every level of mental activity harmony is the key to success.  Harmony comes with concentration at multi-level. Lack of harmony may attract arguments, distraction and ultimately inefficiency. Any person blessed with harmony succeeds not only because it can solve problems gracefully, but also because problems have a way of somehow vanishing, before its beautifully, focussed energies, sometimes without even requiring to be solved.

Harmony helps the young minds to attract opportunities for success and can awaken our powers and channel them dissolving obstacles in our paths attracting opportunities, better insights and inspiration to become more focused, more responsive and more caring. We encourage our students to be in harmony with other beings of their vicinity, society and Nature. Hence Harmony house represents all the positive qualities required for a worthwhile life on this planet and leave the footprints worth being followed.

If there is righteousness  in the heart , there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character , there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the  home , there will be order in the nations and there will be peace in the world. So our Motto is “Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously. 


House Incharge – Ms. Prerna Mehta

Ms. Sudha

Ms. Roopa

Ms. Usha

Ms. Dhiraj

Ms. Sumita

Prosperity is defined as a state of flourishing, thriving success and good fortune. Prosperity encompasses wealth as well as happiness and health. 

The word ‘Prosperity’ synonyms with abundance, rise and boom .The PROSPERITY House of our school stands for exorbitance in every field--be it Knowledge, sports, hardwork, sincerity, honesty or discipline.

We strongly believe that a man is not rightly conditioned until he is a happy prosperous being and happiness, health and prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer of a man with his surroundings. Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn.

The students are encouraged to inculcate the basic values as  ‘Prosperity’ House itself stands for the following values.

  • O  -   OBEDIENCE
  • S  -    SINCERITY
  • P  -    PRUDENCE
  • E  -    ENTHUSIASM
  • I   -    INTEGRITY


The motto of PROSPERITY House is 

“There is no way to Prosperity, Prosperity itself is the Way.”



The twentieth century as well as twenty-first century has witnessed and gone through major developments which have momentous impact not only on the lives of human beings but also on planet earth . All of us witness the depletion of non-renewable natural resources, the continued destruction of life-sustaining forests and illegal trade in protected species of flora and fauna.The need of the hour is the reassertion of environmental ethics and values which had been practised in traditional  societies .  Economic development is largely based on these only. As our scriptures can verify that we in India have always believed in the integrality and sacredness of nature with all and peace is the ultimate purpose of all existence and activity . The delicate balance of nature has also  to be restored. Keeping  this in mind we have formed  an Eco club in the school.  It is very active . Be an issue of social awareness , environment protection or pollution control , child labour or protection of flora and fauna , the members of this club very enthusiastically participate in club activities .

The objectives of Eco -Club  (THE  WEAVER  CLUB) of the school is to create awareness of biodiversity, conservation and local environmental issues among school children, to create a ‘clean and green consciousness’ among students through various innovative methods to involve Eco -Club students in open-orientation  programmes in school and public areas.

The Eco-Club also provides a wonderful opportunity to help generate awareness, build attitudes and enable students to take up activities in the real world, in a way that the constraints of the classroom and curriculum won’t allow.

The following activities were organised from time to time.


 On 22 of April ‘Earth Day’ was celebrated. Havan was performed by the teachers and student members of the club. A Poster -Making Competition was organized on the occasion .


Plantation Campaign On Van Mahotsav

 The students of Eco Club planted trees in the school premises and took care of them . The students were judged on the basis of their  interest shown in the project.


Campaigns and Rallies 

 The students made  posters and play cards to create awareness about the abuses of drugs. Anti cracker rally was organized before Diwali to create awareness about the pollution of environment due to burning of crackers.


Swachchata Abhiyan 

 Students played active role in cleaning the surrounding areas of the school to implement the programme. They were enthusiastic to be part of the Swachchata Abhiyan.


Health Awareness  And Related Activities 

 Talks by various doctors were organized from time to time to provide guidance to the students about preventing various diseases and also taking good care of their health. First Aid training was given to the students to lend helping hands to others at the time of accidents and minor injuries.




 Wetland day was celebrated at Sukhna Lake to welcome the migratory birds in the month of January. An Inter-school Painting competition was organized on the occasion in which Sahil of class 7th won first prize. Priyanka Mishra of class 7th got first prize and Sandeep of class 7th got second prize in Quiz competition.



Tez Prasad and Rajat Kumar of Class 10th were awarded Eco-Ambassador’s Trophy for their active participation in various Eco Club activities organized by the club.



Guides units of the school is our pride. Constantly vigilant , helpful and aware about their responsibilities  our guides are an integral part of socially relevant activities  of the area . Traffic awareness, literary awareness or managing and guiding crowd in community activities as well as First Aid training and managing waste for best they have honed their skills. Sharing and Caring is imbibed in the young minds.


Creativity is nurtured and manifested in the  Aesthetic ,Literary and Art clubs.  Dancing is also a part of creativity  club, Expressions & manifestation of artistic  skills are at the best while  participating in Dance Club activities .